Discover and harness individual and team strengths to reach the next level of success.

Next Ascent specializes in helping organizational groups become higher performing teams through a strength-based, positive change approach, known as Appreciative Inquiry (AI). As certified AI facilitators, we will guide your division, department, committee, task force, or other team members in building upon their greatest individual and collective strengths. Our engagements are custom designed for each client to search for the best in people and how to capitalize on their individual and collective strengths to help them and their team breakthrough to the next level of success.

Established and empirically supported assessments are used to discover team members’ talents and strengths, preferred change styles and workplace engagement. Team members collectively and collaboratively will:

  • discover the conditions when they have performed at their best,
  • design individual and group action steps based on these conditions and their understandings of each other’s strengths and change styles, and
  • use appreciative conversations and ongoing coaching to become a higher performing and more engaged team.

Next Ascent provides clients with the following high performance team services:

  • A customized high performance team development process that produces desired understanding, “buy-in,” and commitment by associates
  • Individuals’ understanding of their own and their associates’ talents, strengths, change style preferences, and workplace engagement
  • Facilitation and assistance in creating a culture of high engagement and high performance
  • Alignment of organizational and work team goals and objectives
  • How to use appreciative conversations to enhance team communication
  • Consultative access to and coaching of individuals and teams to achieve higher performance
  • Utilization of assessment instruments such as StrengthsFinders, Change Style Preference, and Change Navigator.

Clients’ feedback:

  • “one of the most meaningful professional experiences I’ve had”
  • “energizing and fun”
  • “our team is more focused on what matters”
  • “the outcome arose from our input and discussions, creating buy-in and engagement”
  • “turnaround time and quality of deliverables have improved significantly”
  • “the experience refreshed me and reengaged me with my organization”