Build up your transformative, mission-focused fundraising. 

We celebrate the inherent strengths and potential within your organization and community. Together, we embark on a journey, fueled by collaboration and positivity, to elevate your fundraising efforts and foster a deeper sense of community engagement.

Discovering Strengths and Building Collaborative Partnerships: In the spirit of collaboration, we invite your dedicated team, passionate board members, enthusiastic volunteers, and the vibrant community you serve to join hands with us. By embracing the wealth of experiences and perspectives within this collective, we seek to uncover the unique strengths that define your organization’s essence and intentionally intertwine your organization’s leadership, programs, fundraising, and participants to achieve your most effective programming outcomes and successful fundraising efforts.

Redefining Fundraising Strategies: Let’s embark on a voyage of rediscovery, reimagining your fundraising endeavors through a fresh lens. Together, we’ll assess your current approach and explore innovative techniques and strategies that resonate with your organization’s overarching structure and capabilities. With a strong foundation of support and community engagement already in place, we aim to scale up your fundraising efforts, ensuring sustainability and growth.

Championing Donor and Community-Centric Fundraising: At the heart of our approach lies a profound understanding of the impact of donor-centric and community-centric fundraising. By nurturing genuine relationships with your donors and community members, we can create a ripple effect that not only benefits your organization but enriches our entire community. We’ll explore the transformative power of these approaches, empowering your organization to make a meaningful difference.

Crafting a Personalized Strategy: Recognizing that each nonprofit organization is as unique as the community it serves, we are committed to tailoring our guidance. Your personalized fundraising strategy will be crafted, drawing from a diverse array of resources and methods. Aligned with your organization’s mission, capacity, and culture, this bespoke approach ensures that every fundraising initiative resonates authentically with your supporters.

Embracing Fresh Perspectives and Seizing Opportunities: Our collaborative journey will be guided by fresh insights and perspectives. Together, we will pinpoint areas of opportunity, uncovering hidden potentials and innovative pathways. By embracing change and these opportunities, we will pave the way for your organization’s growth, sustainability, and lasting impact on the community.

In essence, our Appreciative Inquiry approach is a partnership dedicated to nurturing the inherent greatness within your organization and community. Together, we will illuminate the path forward, empowering your nonprofit to thrive, inspire, and create lasting positive change in partnership with your supporters and funders.

“Kate’s consultation led us to do something I thought was impossible!”

Claudia Femenias, Ph.D.
Founder Member and Co-Chair of Casa Azul of Greensboro