Discovering the possibilities before you is the first step. Positively acting on them takes you to the next level of success.

Whether you are new to your current position or a seasoned veteran in your field, understanding how to capitalize on your strengths is not only a huge precursor to success, it is an absolute must if you want to make a substantial breakthrough.

As certified Appreciative Inquiry facilitators, we will use an Appreciative Coaching approach to work closely with you in an important discovery: looking for — and ultimately finding — what you want more of in your work and life. Our process involves asking powerful, positive questions to deepen your learning and motivate taking action on your coaching topic. Together, we’ll explore how to positively reframe your current challenges into opportunities for learning and action based on your strengths. Our co-active coaching will unleash your creativity, innovative thinking, enthusiasm, confidence and clarity so that you can actively map out your way forward.

Next Ascent’s strength-based, generative, customized approach can be applied to making positive change in the following professional development contexts:

  • Executive coaching
  • Rising star coaching
  • Team coaching

Next Ascent provides clients with the following coaching services:

  • A customized, co-created coaching engagement
  • Assistance to individuals in gaining a better understanding of their talents, strengths, and change style preferences
  • Assistance to individuals in designing personal development plans for enhancing their workplace engagement and performance
  • Alignment of organizational, work teams’ and individual associate’s goals, objectives and work priorities
  • How individuals can use appreciative conversations to enhance communications with associates
  • Ongoing access to coaching for individuals to enhance their workplace engagement and performance

“Pam led me through a process where I was able to reconnect with who I am, what my strengths are, what I do best, and what I want more of. My breakthrough realization was that I wanted more of what gave me energy—I wanted both flexibility and control, which led to me establishing a consulting firm where I get to do exactly that! And, what I really appreciated about Pam was that she coached to my personality style while challenging me to think beyond the obvious answers.”
–For Profit HR Executive

“Jim’s commitment to the process truly made it a productive partnership. The process was helpful in confirming some things I knew, helped me identify opportunities, and uncovered a few surprises. I not only benefited from the process for my current role, but will for all future endeavors I seek to apply myself, and that is very beneficial.”
–Non-Profit Executive Director (process included positive, strength-based 360 interviews with 10 stakeholders)