Certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitators Dr. Jim Weeks and Pam Reeves Cash

At Next Ascent, our central purpose is to make a significant difference in helping organizations and individuals ascend to their next level of success. The decision to become certified Appreciative Inquiry (AI) facilitators was clear for us. We were won over by a profoundly positive approach that was different than anything else we had come across in education or business settings. Our clients say the same thing; never before have they undergone such an effective and profoundly powerful way to pursue positive change.

Every engagement is driven by our core beliefs:

  • Focusing on possibilities is profoundly positive and leads to innovation, creativity, engagement, and commitment, as opposed to focusing on weaknesses and threats, which amplify the deficits, drain energy and inhibit productive thinking.
  • Creating a positive environment enhances collaboration and inclusion and is more effective for sustainable organizational growth and engagement.
  • Your goals and continued success are deeply important to us. We believe wholeheartedly in our clients.

And, we believe in the effectiveness of Appreciative Inquiry because we’ve seen how it works. Learn more about us, our approach and how to get started.

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